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We are Authorised Channel Distributor, Dealer, Supplier, Trader, Exporter of Schneider Electric India - Contactors & Boards, TeSysDeca Series, EasyPact TVS, TeSys K Control Relays, TeSys Giga Power Contracts from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

A power contactor is an electrical device used to turn an electrical circuit on and off. It's a multi-pole switch, which means it can control numerous power circuits with a single contactor. Regarded as a unique kind of relay, the main difference between the contractors and the relay is that the contactor relay is utilized in applications that require a larger current carrying capacity, whereas the relay is used in conditions that require a lower current carrying capacity.
Importance of power contactor relay - It goes without saying that motor protection relays are vital cogs of any machinery system. They perform the important task of safeguarding the motor from burnout caused by overload. Schneider Electric's flagship line of contractors, TeSys provides top-quality performance along with a notable mechanical and electric life. Buyers even have the choice of purchasing an extensive range of accessories for motor and load control. The TeSys Contactors can be bought with either of the IEC and NEMA applications and follows the global standardization grades. When a relay is utilised in order to switch a significant amount of electrical power through its contacts, it is designated a specific name: contactor relay. Contactors generally consist of multiple contacts, and those contacts in most cases normally-open, in order to guarantee that power to the load is shut off when the coil is in the de-energized state. Probably the most popular industrial use for Schneider Electric India’s contactors is in the regulation of electric motors.
Applications of Power Contacter Relay- In simple terms, contactor relays are electrically operated switches deployed for effectively controlling electric circuits. There are several types of contactor relays like 4-pole contactors, vacuum contactors, AC contactors, DC contactors, etc that are deployed in a variety of applications like automation circuits, protection circuits, control circuits, and more.

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