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We are Authorised Channel Distributor, Dealer, Supplier, Trader, Exporter of Schneider Electric - MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breakers), ComPact NSXm, ComPact NSXm & NSX, NSXm Thermal Magnetic Trip Unit, NSXm integrated earth leakage protection (micrologic vigi 4.1 Trip unit), Switch Disconnector, ComPact NSXm NA switch-disconnectorWith Compression Lug connectors, switch-disconnector with Everlink Connectors, NSXm Accessories Auxiliary contacts, Rotary Handles, Spreader Links, Everlink Accessories, Voltage Releases from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

ComPact NSXm

ComPact NSXm

    In compliance with ISO 14025 PEP ecopassport program, we publish a comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis of our product, providing the environmental data you need to achieve Green Building certifications. For example, ComPacT NSX & NSXm contribute to 3 LEED™ points in the Building Product Disclosure and Optimization section:
  • Environmental Product Declaration
  • Material Ingredients

ComPact NSXm & NSX

Type (1) Frame rating (2) Breaking
capacity (1)
Num Poles (2) Trip Unit (2) Trip Unit Ratings
Suffix (1)
NSX = C 100m = 11 16kA = E 1P = 1 TMD = TM 16 = 016 EverLink = L
NSXm = C 160m = 12 25kA = B 2P = 2 MA = MA 20 = 020 Busbar = B
  100 = 10 36kA = F 3P3D = 3 TMG = MG 25 = 025 Fixed = F
  160 = 16 50kA = N 4P4D = 4 1.3 M = 1M 30 = 030 DC = D
  250 = 25 70kA = H 3P2D = 5 2.2 = 2D 40 = 040 Switch = S
  400 = 40 100kA = S 4P3D = 6 2.3 = 2D 50 = 050 DC PV = DP
  630 = 63 150kA = L   4.1 = 4V 63 = 063  
        4.2 = 4V 80 = 080 Acc with ID
        ... 100 = 100 change = T

ComPact NSXm

NSXm Thermal Magnetic Trip Unit (TMD)

  • ICU = 100% Icu as per IEC 60947 – 2
  • Adjustable Thermal setting 0.7 to 1 x In
  • Fixed Magnetic Settings
  • Single frame size upto 160A
  • 5 breaking Capacities from 16kA to 70Ka
  • With compression lug connectors
  • All the circuit breakers have a transparent lead-sealable cover

Breaking Capacity Icu
as per IEC 60947-2
Rated Current Three Pole Reference Four Pole Reference
  16A C11E3TM016B C11E6TM016B
  25A C11E3TM025B C11E6TM025B
  32A C11E3TM032B C11E6TM032B
  40A C11E3TM040B C11E6TM040B
  16VA 50A C11E3TM050B C11E6TM050B
  63A C11E3TM063B C11E6TM063B
  80A C11E3TM080B C11E6TM080B
  100A C11E3TM100B C11E6TM100B
  125A C12E3TM125B C12E6TM125B
  160A C12E3TM160B C12E6TM160B
  16A C11B3TM016B C11B6TM016B
  25A C11B3TM025B C11B6TM025B
  32A C11B3TM032B C11B6TM032B
  40A C11B3TM040B C11B6TM040B
25kA 50A C11B3TM050B C11B6TM050B
  63A C11B3TM063B C11B6TM063B
  80A C11B3TM080B C11B6TM080B
  100A C11B3TM100B C11B6TM100B
  125A C12B3TM125B C12B6TM125B
  160A C12B3TM160B C12B6TM160B
  16A C11F3TM016B C11F6TM016B
  25A C11F3TM025B C11F6TM025B
  32A C11F3TM032B C11F6TM032B
  40A C11F3TM040B C11F6TM040B
36kA 50A C11F3TM050B C11F6TM050B
  63A C11F3TM063B C11F6TM063B
  80A C11F3TM080B C11F6TM080B
  100A C11F3TM100B C11F6TM100B
  125A C12F3TM125B C12F6TM125B
  160A C12F3TM160B C12F6TM160B
  16A C11N3TM016B C11N6TM016B
  25A C11N3TM025B C11N6TM025B
  32A C11N3TM032B C11N6TM032B
  40A C11N3TM040B C11N6TM040B
50kA 50A C11N3TM050B C11N6TM050B
  63A C11N3TM063B C11N6TM063B
  80A C11N3TM080B C11N6TM080B
  100A C11N3TM100B C11N6TM100B
  125A C12N3TM125B C12N6TM125B
  16A C12N3TM160B C12N6TM160B
  25A C11H3TM016B C11H6TM016B
  32A C11H3TM025B C11H6TM025B
  40A C11H3TM025B C11H6TM040B
70kA 50A C11H3TM050B C11H6TM050B
  63A C11H3TM063B C11H6TM063B
  80A C11H3TM080B C11H6TM080B
  100A C11H3TM100B C11H6TM100B
  125A C12H3TM125B C12H6TM125B
  160a C12H3TM160B C12H6TM160B

ComPact NSXm

NSXm integrated earth leakage protection (micrologic vigi 4.1 Trip unit)

  • Standard protection of distribution cables
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Indication of :
  • Overload alarming ( via LEDs and via SDx module)
  • Overload tripping ( via the SDx module)
  • Earth leakage alarming (via the SDx module)
  • Earth leakage tripping (via front face screen and the SDx module)

Breaking Capacity Icu
as per IEC 60947-2
Rated Current Three Pole Reference Four Pole Reference
  25A C11E34V025B C11E44V025B
  50A C11E34V050B C11E44V050B
16kA 100A C11E34V100B C11E44V100B
  160A C12E34V160B C12E44V160B
  25A C11B34V025B C11B44V025B
  50A C11B34V050B C11B44V050B
25kA 100A C11B34V100B C11B44V100B
  160A C11B34V100B C12B44V160B
  25A C11F34V025B C11F44V025B
  50A C11F34V050B C11F44V050B
36kA 100A C11F34V100B C11F44V100B
  160A C12F34V160B C12F44V160B
  25A C11N34V025B C11N44V025B
  50A C11N34V050B C11N44V050B
50kA 100A C11N34V100B C11N44V100B
  160A C12N34V160B C12N44V160B
  25A C11H34V025B C11H44V025B
  50A C11H34V050B C11H44V050B
70kA 100A C11H34V100B C11H44V100B
  160A C12H34V160B C12H44V160B

ComPact NSXm - Switch Disconnector

ComPact NSXm NA switch-disconnectorWith Compression Lug connectors

Rated Current Three PoleReference Four PoleReference
50A C113050BS C114050BS
100A C113100BS C114100BS
160A C123160BS C124160BS

ComPact NSXm NA switch-disconnector with Everlink Connectors.

Rated Current Three PoleReference Four Pole Reference
50A C113050LS C114050LS
100A C113100LS C114100LS
160A C123160LS C124160LS

NSXm Accessories Auxiliary contacts (changeover)

Description Reference
Standard OF or SD LV426950

Rotary Handles

Description Reference
Direct rotary handle  
Standard black handle LV426930/
Extended rotary handle  
Standard extended rotaryblack handle LV426932/
Side rotary handle  
Standard side rotary black handle LV426935/

Spreader Links

Description Reference
Spreaders & Phase Barriers  
Spreaders (Set of 3) 3P LV426940
Spreaders (Set of 4) 4P LV426941

Everlink Accessories

Description Reference
Everlink Connectors  
EverLink connector with control
wire terminal for 3P (Set of 3)
EverLink connector with control
wire terminal for 4P(Set of 4)

Voltage Releases

Description Shunt Release
Under Voltage
24 V 50/60 Hz LV426841 LV426801
48 V 50/60 Hz LV426842 LV426802
110-130 V 50/60 Hz LV426843 LV426803
220-240 V 50/60 Hz LV426844 LV426804
380-415 V 50 Hz LV426846 LV426806
24 V LV426841 LV426801
48 V LV426841 LV426802
125 V LV426843 LV426803
250 V LV426844 LV426815
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